Founded in July 2007, the German-Arab Friendship Association (DAFG e.V.) advocates understanding, trust and co-operation between Germany and the Arab world. It is based on mutual respect and commitment, and is open to everyone who feels dedicated to the peaceful fostering of German-Arab ties. The society is characterized by its transparency, and the high level of collaborative possibilities available to its members and partners.

We see the growing importance and urgency of deepening the political, cultural and scientific exchange, and we understand the high potential of economic co-operation. We, therefore, support companies and economic associations in initiating and fostering contacts and collaborations. The German-Arab Friendship Association closely collaborates with the Arab ambassadors in Germany and all German and Arab political parties and institutions, and considers itself a non-partisan actor in political conflicts. The society hopes to inspire and intensify the media coverage on German-Arab topics by collaborating with German, Arab and international media. In this way, the DAFG e.V. contributes to creating mutual interest and understanding for different traditions and cultures.

In the work of the German-Arab Friendship Association, a lot of emphasis is put on co-operating in matters of education and promoting social initiatives. The development and maintenance of friendly relations encompasses exchange between our countries, as well as dialogue with our fellow Arab and German-Arab citizens in Germany.

For the DAFG e.V. German-Arab friendship is based on true partnership and trustful co-operation. Therefore, the wide range of topics from the fields of economy, politics, science, and culture are represented by DAFG board members from Germany, the Arab World and Germans of Arab origin. The president of the association is Dr. Otto Wiesheu.

The German-Arab Friendship Association is facilitating contacts and encounters and thereby building bridges through intense communication. DAFG e.V. members are provided with qualified information and are consulted in regards to German-Arab relations. The German-Arab Friendship Association closely collaborates with other associations, initiatives, foundations, bilateral organizations, and institutions.